AP® World History
July 23 - 26, 2018
James Madison High School, San Antonio, TX

Designed to integrate the AP World History curriculum into the open-enrollment classroom, this course will include discussions and updated techniques covering the successful introduction and implementation of the AP "habits of mind" into the classroom. Emphasis will be placed on the six chronological periods covered in the new AP World History course description.

Hands-on activities, simulations and presentations will include the following:

  • The scope and framework of changes to AP World History curriculum
  • Establishing and maintaining college-level academic standards while making the course enjoyable
  • Building teacher success and confidence through preparation
  • Using creative lessons and activities to open the door to student confidence and success, and to address issues of, “but my students can’t do this”
  • Writing a practical course syllabus for an accelerated block and/or a traditional school schedule
  • Making art and culture part of the unit lessons
  • Improving student organization and opening their eyes to the possibilities of interpreting and understanding world history
  • Teaching effective essay writing and critical thinking skills using “Law & Order”/”CSI” investigative style
  • Examining the 2015 exam for test-taking strategies
  • Learning how to grade the three essays and comparing the results with grades given by AP test readers

What to Bring:

  • 2015-2016 school calendar, if available
  • Note-taking materials (laptops or iPads, if you want)
  • Know the textbook and document reader titles used in your class, if practical
  • Portable-sized monthly lesson-planning calendar with squares big enough to write in for planning purposes (digital calendars are fine)

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