AP® Statistics
July 23 - 26, 2018
James Madison High School, San Antonio, TX

This AP Statistics course will highlight topics from the four basic content areas for new and less experienced statistics teachers focusing on content. We will explore activities to build statistical thinking and take a careful look at AP exam questions. There will be discussion of technology, supplemental materials, AP grading, differentiated instruction, and ideas to build your program. This is a great course to help start off teaching AP stats, plus opportunities for those looking for new ideas.

The goals of the week are:

  • To establish for participants a strong understanding of the level of statistical thinking expected from students in this course.
  • To provide and demonstrate activities that help deepen statistical understanding (and make the course fun!).
  • To provide for participants a structure for teaching the course that will enable them to launch a successful year for their students.

Participants should bring the following:

  • Your favorite graphing calculator
  • A thumb drive for extra files and goodies


Presenter -

  • Glenda Kubena , Bellaire High School, Bellaire,TX

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