AP® Spanish Language
July 23 - 26, 2018
James Madison High School, San Antonio, TX

AP® Summer Institute participants will review the Claims and Exidence document for the 2007 AP® Spanish Language exam and explore strategies to prepare students to demonstrate targeted skills. Topics include: using authentic materials - sources and strategies; integrating skills in preparation for formal speaking and writing tasks; thinking functionally - preparing for the informal speaking and writing tasks; integrating grammar in the course; strategies for the multiple choice listening and reading sections of the test; using technology tools for language development; and approaches to syllabus design.

Teachers will share successful activities from the past year, review and discuss published materials for the AP® Spanish Language course, and reflect on teaching strategies for the coming year.

Presenter -

  • Ann Mar, Alamo Heights High School, San Antonio, TX

AP® Spanish Literature
July 23 - 26, 2018
James Madison High School, San Antonio, TX


  • Yolanda Soliz, Stafford High School, Stafford, TX


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