AP® Physics I
July 24 - 27, 2017
James Madison High School, San Antonio, TX

This workshop will help new and experienced teachers to improve the planning and delivery of the AP Physics 1 course, so that teachers can help their students to acquire and retain a more thorough understanding of physics and perform better on the AP Exam.

We will:

  • Discuss the exam format, the curriculum framework, the science practices and learning objectives and the importance of inquiry-based activities and labs.
  • Work through portions the 2017 exam and sample student papers.
  • Look at the course audit process and issues surrounding course planning and pacing.
  • Discuss issues of equity and access.
  • Practice modifying activities to be more inquiry-based.
  • Practice modifying assessment items to better match the format and content of the new exam.
  • Work through labs and activities in an inquiry-based manner, to develop teacher familiarity and expertise.
  • Work with questioning and scientific argumentation.
  • Look at a variety of web-based resources available to teachers.
  • Look in depth at several of the key content areas in the AP Physics 1 curriculum, discussing the requirements of the curriculum, common student difficulties, instructional best practices and effective lab activities. Special focus areas will involve Newton's Laws, Rotational Dynamics and Waves.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand or know how to find the content that is covered in the curriculum, the associated science practices, the format of the exam and the kinds of questions students will be expected to answer.
  • Design and deliver effective inquiry-based lessons and lab activities.
  • Write assessment items that align with the curriculum framework and prepare students for the exam.
  • Expand the reach of your AP Physics program through the use of inquiry, science practices and real-world problems

What participants should bring:

  • A well-rested, enthusiastic mind that is ready to explore, learn and share.
  • Paper, pencil and calculator.
  • A laptop computer or handheld device with internet and file capability. We will use these frequently.

Presenter -

AP® Physics II
July 24 - 27, 2017
James Madison High School, San Antonio, TX

This summer we will be having fun as we dive into the new redesigned AP Physics II course.

The course goals are for each participant to have:

1. Awareness of the redesigned course mindset and requirements
2. Understanding of the new exam format
3. Practical methods for utilizing physics education research instructional strategies
4. Hands on experience with guided inquiry labs
5. Self-confidence in the topics of the courses


Navigating the new AP Physics Curriculum Framework
o The Big Ideas
o Enduring Understandings
o Essential Knowledge
o Science Practices
o Learning Objectives

What will the AP Physics 2 exam look like? (What my students have to know and do.)
o AP Physics 2 Practice Exam
o Released AP Physics 2 Exams

Mapping out your AP Physics 2 course
o Textbook Selection
o Instructional Planning and Scheduling
o Laboratory Experiences

Physics Education Research Instructional Strategies

AP Physics Course Audit

AP Physics Laboratory Experiences
o Moving from Traditional to Guided Inquiry Labs
o Inquiry Lab Investigations in AP Physics 2
o Student Designed Labs
o Grading Inquiry Labs
o Scientific Argumentation

Specific topics in AP Physics 2
o Fluids

What participants should bring:

  • A good attitude and readiness to participate in a collaborative environment
  • Laptop (These will be used during the institute!)
  • Calculator
  • A method for taking notes

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