Advanced Placement® Institute
July 24 - 27, 2017
James Madison High School, San Antonio, TX

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Institute for the Advancement of Science Teaching
431 Deer Meadows
Canyon Lake, TX 78133

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Check to indicate which workshop you will be attending

AP Biology Experienced AP Spanish Language
AP Biology AP Spanish Literature
AP Calculus (AB) AP Statistics
AP Calculus (BC) AP US History
AP Chemistry Experienced AP World History
AP Chemistry Pre-AP Biology (HS)
AP Economics (Micro & Macro) Pre-AP Chemistry (HS)
AP English Language Pre-AP English (HS)
AP English Literature Pre-AP English (MS)
AP Environmental Science Pre-AP Mathematics (HS)
AP Government US Pre-AP Mathematics (MS)
AP Physics I Pre-AP Science (MS)
AP Physics II  

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Workshop cost is $ 535.00.

Workshop will be paid by check
     (make checks payable to Institute for the Advancement of Science Teaching)

Workshop will be paid by Purchase Order. Please attach a copy of PO.

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Important Note: The certificates of completion will be distributed on thursday at the end of the workshop. Also note, we must receive full payment before issuing these. Thank you for your assistance.

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