AP® US History
July 24 - 27, 2017
James Madison High School, San Antonio, TX

This AP United States APSI will focus on preparing the participants to teach the redesigned AP United States History Course. The new Curriculum Framework, including the Thematic Learning Objectives, Key Concepts, and New Time Periods will be the explained and demonstrated throughout the week. The Historical Thinking Skills will be presented as they are used throughout the course and exam. The Institute will include how to begin the redesigned AP U.S. History course, including writing the syllabus and selecting a text and other resources. Choosing and analyzing documents will be emphasized as they are now used even more than ever.
The Institute will include demonstrations of and participation in various methods used in the AP classroom. To augment a discussion of recent historical literature, participants are encouraged to bring favorite books or articles to share. Strategies for writing and answering multiple choice questions, and for writing and scoring the short-answer questions, FRQ, and DBQ essays will be explored and practiced. Content will also be addressed with an emphasis on topics frequently addressed on the Exam. These include social, political, economic and other types of history; comparisons of the issues of different time periods; and analysis of several events and personalities, including a look at "The Kennedy Legacy: After 50 Years". The use of music, art, and literature in the AP American history classroom will be also be demonstrated.

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